Supporting the Prouty

As in previous years, the Lebanon squadron will be supporting the Prouty this year on Saturday, 11 July.

If you have signed up to help out with the Prouty, please arrive at the Richmond Middle School at 6:00 AM. Check in at the volunteer tent and ask for Bill Brown. If you are driving a personal vehicle, please park in one of the volunteer lots. If you cannot arrive until later, please contact Maj. Rangi Keen.


  • Reflective vest
  • Rain gear (if necessary)
  • Cell phone if you have one you can use for the day


BDUs or other CAP uniform. Please pick up a volunteer shirt when you arrive and wear that with your BDU pants.


  • Breakfast and lunch will also be provided by the Prouty
  • Bring your own water and snacks

Event Information

Thank you for your help this year.