Senior Membership

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has something to offer everyone. Whether you are interested in flying, radio operation, teaching cadets, or just learning a little more about the aerospace industry, you’ll find all that and more in CAP at the Lebanon Composite Squadron.


One of our distinctive aircraftCAP offers many opportunities to get you in the air. If you hold a private pilot certificate or higher, you can get checked out to fly one of our distinctive Cessna 172 or 182 aircraft at a fraction of the cost of renting from a Fixed Base Operator (FBO).

If you are not a pilot but are interested in flying, there are plenty of opportunities to fly with experienced pilots. Whether it is for mission training, transportation, or simply to stay proficient, CAP pilots are always looking for an excuse to fly.

Whatever your level of interest in flying, CAP gives you the opportunity to fly with a purpose.

Emergency Services

One of the missions of CAP is to provide emergency services including search and rescue, disaster relief, and humanitarian services. CAP performs 95% of continental US inland search and rescue for downed aircraft using both air and ground teams. CAP is also an official part of the Homeland Security initiative.

Cadet Program and Aerospace Education

The other two missions of CAP are the cadet program and aerospace education. If you are interested in teaching young aviation enthusiasts between the ages of 12 and 21, you should become involved in the cadet program. Cadets participate in aerospace education, develop their leadership skills, and keep in shape with a physical fitness program. If you are interested in this aspect, read more about theĀ cadet program.

If you are a parent of a cadet (or potential cadet), you may be interested in joining as a cadet sponsor member. In this capacity, you will be able to act as a chaperone or driver on cadet activities.

Other Opportunities and Benefits

Over the last few years, the members of the Lebanon Composite Squadron have taken field trips to Old Rhinebeck and the New England Air Museum, provided assistance at air shows and fly-ins, and participated in cadet activities such as the annual cadet encampment and model rocket competition.

Taking a ride at Old Rhinebeck Air Museum

In addition to these great opportunities, membership in CAP provides benefits such as tax deductions, discounts, and scholarships for undergraduate or graduate study.

Join Us

If all this is just too good to pass up, why not visit us at one of our meetings or stop by a cadet meeting.