Cadet Membership

As a cadet in the Lebanon Composite Squadron, you will have many opportunities to participate in fun and exciting activities. In the cadet program, you will learn about the aerospace industry and put that knowledge to use with hands-on projects. You will also learn the principles of good leadership and, as you progress through the ranks, be able to apply that knowledge as you move into leadership positions yourself.

Program Areas

Dawn's early light at the summer encampmentThe cadet program includes four main areas: aerospace education, leadership, physical fitness, and character development. In the aerospace education portion of the program, you’ll learn the principles of flight and then put them to the test with hands-on exercises including model rockets and drones.

When you first join as a cadet member, you will be introduced to your flight commander who will lead you in activities such as drill and ceremony, color guard, and leadership labs. As you progress through the ranks, you will take on more leadership responsibilities.

Activities and Rewards

A new glider pilotHaving completed certain requirements, cadets have the opportunity to participate in activities outside the normal squadron meetings. These include training and participation in search and rescue missions, orientation flights in powered aircraft and gliders, summer encampments, and field trips.

In addition, you may become eligible to go on a variety of national activities designed to complement the cadet curriculum. These activities cover a wide range of aerospace, emergency services, career exploration, and leadership topics. You may even qualify to travel to a foreign country to represent Civil Air Patrol and the United States.


Cadet membership also provides benefits in other aspects of your life. For one, cadets may qualify for college scholarships based on their achievements in the program.

Also, although there is no commitment or expectation to join the Air Force, cadets interested in enlisting and holding the Mitchell Award may do so at a higher pay grade than their contemporaries. In fact, former CAP cadets comprise about 10 percent of each year’s freshman class at the US Air Force Academy.

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