Becoming a CAP Pilot

What is a CAP Pilot?

Pilots are an essential part of all the programs in Civil Air Patrol. CAP pilots are authorized to fly CAP aircraft for personal currency and on offial CAP missions such as search and rescue, cadet orientation flights, homeland security, and more.


Requirements and instructions on becoming a CAP pilot are available on the Pilot Onboarding page of the national web site.


Once you are qualified as a CAP pilot, you can work towards becoming a mission pilot. This is part of the emergency services program and you’ll first need to get your 101 card and follow the training for mission scanner and then mission pilot.

Additional Resources

  • Civil Air Patrol Aircraft Operations – National page for CAP pilot resources.
  • eServices – Log in and go to Operations > Operations Qualifications > Pilot > What to I need and enter your CAPID or name in the search box. You’ll then be able to see the requirements you already have and those you need to be qualified for a particular position.