Member Communication


Every member of the Lebanon Composite Squadron receives a Google Apps account upon joining. This account will also serve as your squadron email address. The account will be your first initial and full last name (unless it is already taken) You will receive the login information via email to the address on your application after your account is created.

Squadron Mailing Lists

There are two primary mailing lists maintained by the squadron: one for cadets and one for seniors. Both are standard mailing lists used for squadron communication of meetings and special events.

If you have any questions about these mailing lists that is not answered below, please contact Maj. Rangi Keen.

Posting and viewing posts

Members of each group can post messages to the group by sending email to the group address (seniors@… or cadets@…).


If you are a member of the squadron, you will be subscribed to the mailing list with your squadron email (described below). If you are a parent of a cadet and wish to receive squadron emails, please have your child add your address as a forwarding account in their NH Wing or squadron email account.


When you leave the squadron, your email account will be removed and your subscription to the mailing lists will be terminated. If you would like to unsubscribe before your membership expires you can use the link at the bottom of any of the messages you receive.

Squadron Email

Email is provided by the Gmail app. Members can choose to use it on the web, via a desktop or mobile app, or by forwarding mail to another address.

Accessing via the web

You can access your account to read mail and change settings such as your password, forwarding options, and more at Login with your email address and the password you received in your welcome email. When you first login you will be prompted to change your password.

Accessing mail using a desktop application

You can set up a desktop or mobile mail application to send and receive your email.

Setup Instructions >

Forwarding to another address

If you prefer to use your personal account for CAP email, you can add a forwarding address to your mail account. Cadets are encouraged to set up forwarding to their parents.

Instructions to add a forwarding address >