Congratulations to the two cadets who earned a FIND ribbon this weekend. In spite of the cold weather (-10F when we left Lebanon), the cadets volunteered for the weekend’s Search and Rescue Exercise. During that exercise, we received a real mission from the AFRCC – an active 121.5 ELT. An air sortie narrowed it down to the Lawrence MA airport. A ground team, including the two cadets, used the portable DF to locate and deactivate the ELT on the ramp at.


National Cadet Special Activities Applications


We had an exciting meeting last night! The Wing Director of Cadet Programs came and talked to the cadets about NCOLS, National Cadet Special Activities and the NH-UK Exchange. Applications are open NOW. We followed that up by an presentation on the Space Race and a couple of promotions. Congratulations to our new C/AMN and C/A1C!





1LT Ben Stallman, our Cadet Commander in 2012, visited the cadets yesterday. It was a great opportunity for the cadets to talk with him about his post-high school experiences.


Prouty Support 2018

As in previous years, the Lebanon squadron will be supporting the Prouty this year on Saturday, 14 July.

If you have signed up to help out with the Prouty, please arrive at the Richmond Middle School at 0600. Check in at the volunteer tent and pick up a volunteer shirt.


Meet at the following locations by 0600:


  • Rain gear (the event runs rain or shine)
  • Cell phone if you have one you can use for the day
    • Please send your number to Maj. Rangi Keen before the event
    • We can provide a cell phone and/or radio as needed
  • Drivers (nice to have, but not required)
    • Push broom in case you need to clear gravel or broken glass from the road


BDUs (preferred) or other CAP uniform. Cadets please wear your PT shirt. Seniors please wear your Prouty volunteer shirt.


  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the Prouty at the main venue
    • If you are driving, you can get food at the rest stops (although you may want to bring your own as this is basic fare)
  • Bring your own water and snacks
    • You can fill up a the rest stops as needed, but it’s always good to have your own


Volunteer parking at the Richmond Middle School is at the Dartmouth Printing parking lot north of the middle school. If you need to drop off lots of gear, enter via Desden Road to the drop-off area south of the school. Once done unloaded, move your vehicle to the Dartmouth Printing lot.

Event Information

Thank you for your help this year.